Mixed Metal Inspired Original 48” x 48”
Mixed Metal Inspired Original 48” x 48”
Mixed Metal Inspired Original 48” x 48”
Mixed Metal Inspired Original 48” x 48”
Collab with Kai

Mixed Metal Inspired Original 48” x 48”

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48”x48” Hand-poured Resin Geode Artwork by Collab with Kai.
Depth: 1.5”

Stunning resin artwork with multi-layer details and glass-like finish using premium artist quality resin known for its non-yellowing crystal clarity. Clean dust or smudges off this artwork using or water with a non-abrasive cloth or paper towel. Texture rock areas feature crushed gold glass, acrylic gems, diamond dust glitter an. Each textured rocky area is outlined in metallic gold pigment. Also features glitter accent lines and acrylic paint lines throughout. This piece is done on a 48”x48” art gallery wrapped canvas.
Add a custom one-of-a-kind statement piece to your home or office decor with this resin geode inspired artwork! Resin artwork looks most beautiful up-close.
You will love looking at all the intricate details!

Please note that this listing is an example of what your custom piece will look like. I use the same colors above and rocks materials, but due to the nature of epoxy the paint and line pattern will deviate a bit keeping each piece a “one of a kind”, unique and completely personal to you alone! No two pieces are EVER the same!

These pieces are heavy; therefore I recommend using French Cleats (Not included) to secure your piece to the wall if you choose to hang it.

*Colors may differ slightly due to different screen resolution

As mentioned above, each of my works are made to order so turnaround time is 3-6 weeks from the time of ordering. Colors can also be customized to what you are looking for if you would like to see some others incorporated or swapped out at no extra charge. When checking out, include details in the notes if you would like different colors! Be as specific as possible when describing custom color shades. I am happy to work with you to create a custom piece to fit your vision and your space!